Halifax, NS

Now you can see and hear your developing baby with remarkable 3D ultrasound baby scanning technology in Nova Scotia's most popular 3D Ultrasound clinic. Please feel free to invite up to 8 family members or friends to comfortably join you during your ultrasound session. If necessary, we may able to squeeze in a few more! Young children are always welcome provided that they are actively supervised.

Cherish lifelong memories with a CD of images or DVD video now made possible with our elective 3D ultrasound recording technology. Expect tears and laughter to flow as you see your baby for the first time on our 42" big screen TV and introduce your little miracle(s) to your family and friends.

Owner/operator Kathy Bethune, RN, RDMS welcomes all past and future clients to 3D Miracles Halifax. With over 28 years of experience in Labour and Delivery, performing clinical high-risk and elective prenatal ultrasounds, and as a prenatal educator at Atlantic Canada's largest Maternity hospital, Kathy's skill and experience are unmatched.

As the first 3D clinic to open east of Montreal in 2006, our clinic has seen over 14,000 pregnant moms and families, and has NEVER MADE A MISTAKE revealing the sex of the baby.

We have performed several thousand more 3D ultrasounds than any other elective clinic in Nova Scotia! No other 3D ultrasound clinic has more experience in Atlantic Canada!

Packages and Special Offers:


**   We will honour all coupons, promotions and pricing offered by our Halifax competitors.   **


Sex Determination $1000 Guarantee!

3D Miracles Halifax offers you the best sex determination guarantee available in Canada. If you are 18 weeks along or more, we absolutely GUARANTEE that we will not make a mistake with the sex of your baby, or we will pay you $1000! How can we do this? Over 14,000 clients, 11 years in business and no mistakes! You can bank on it!

Should baby not fully cooperate in allowing us to see the necessary parts, we will invite you back for a free repeat session to get the proof we need. This rarely happens but is a requirement in order to provide the guarantee.  

Early Sex Determination

Sex Determination at 3D Miracles Halifax can be done as early as 18 weeks. As always, our $1000 SEX GUARANTEE will apply.

 SPECIAL - 2D Sex Determination (Wednesdays only) $75.00

 A quick 5-10 minute session any time after 18 weeks to confirm the sex of your baby. No pictures or other add-ons are available with this package. Special can not be combined with other offers.

 SPECIAL - 20 Minute Miracle Package: $150.00

 A 20 minute session to see your baby's movements in 3D/4D and receive dozens of digital pictures and a digital video of your little Miracle to take home and cherish forever! Sex Determintation included! Special can not be combined with other offers.

Sneak Peek: $50.00

A quick 5-10 minute session between 12-18 weeks of your pregnancy. This is a great way to confirm or reveal your pregnancy to friends and family. We will view your baby and include one 2D or 3D printed photo for you to take home. 3D photo only available if baby is in a cooperative position. No sex determination or other add-ons available with this package, however, you can receive a discount of $25 off any package over $100 (same pregnancy) before add-ons.

2D Sex Determination: $99.00

A 5-10 minute session in 2D any time after 18 weeks to confirm the sex of your baby. We will also print a 2D picture for you. As always, our $1000 SEX GUARANTEE will apply. No other add ons available with this package.

Basic Package: $125.00

A 10 minute appointment any time after 18 weeks to view your baby in 2D/3D and provide sex determination. We will also print one 3D photo for you to take home. We have seen over 14,000 clients and never made a mistake revealing the gender in 10 years! For this reason, we can offer a $1000 guarantee that we will not make a mistake with the sex of your baby.

Deluxe Package: $175.00

Includes 30 minutes of viewing your baby, sex determination, listening to the heartbeats, 50-75 or more pictures on CD, and 2 printed 3D pictures. Includes optional FREE live broadcasting for 15 people (with chat.) Add a DVD with video download for $25. For best results, we recommend you visit us between 26-28 weeks.

Twice is Nice! $229.00

2-20 minute Deluxe Packages! 1st visit at 18-25 weeks, and another visit at 25-30 weeks. View the growth of your baby with two appointments! Each session includes sex determination, 50-75 pictures on CD, and 2 printed photos. DVD with video download available for $25 extra. This package is ideal for clients that want early sex determination, but also want to come back later to get the best pictures.

Position Check: $50.00

A brief 5-10 minute appointment to view your baby after 36 weeks. We can let you know if baby is in the optimal position in preparation for delivery, and give you a quick peek at your baby late in the third trimester. One 2D or 3D printed photo will be provided for you to take home. 3D photo only available if baby is in a cooperative position. No sex determination or other add-ons available with this package.

NOTE: This package cannot be discounted $25 if it is your second booking with us.

2nd chance offer: $99.00

If you have visited another Nova Scotia 3D clinic and are not satisfied with your results, we can offer you a 20 minute 3D viewing appt. including a CD of pictures and gender confirmation for $99.00. Our clinic has performed more 3D Ultrasounds than all other Nova Scotia 3D clinics combined! We promise that if your experience with us isn't better, you won't pay! Please call for details. 

Military, Police & Fire Dept. Special:

As a way of honouring those that risk their lives serving our country and communities in the Military, Police or Fire services, we are pleased to offer a special package for these families. Mother to be and/or partner must be currently serving to qualify. Please call us for details about this very special offer. ID required. 

Live Broadcasting - FREE with scan over $100 (not including add-ons)

Our Live Broadcasting service is free with any ultrasound scan over $100. Share your experience in real time, live, with up to 15 people anywhere in the world via the internet. 3D Miracles Halifax can securely broadcast to any computer, iphone/ipad or android phone or tablet! Your guests can also chat with each other by voice or by using their keyboard. Chat transcripts can also be printed as a wonderful keepsake. Also available with packages under $100 for an additional $15

Video Recording of your Ultrasound: $15 / $25 

Video of your session (in utero) can be recorded and saved as a cherished memory. Available on DVD for $25 or as a digital MP4 download for $15. Suitable to play on your computer or mobile device, you can share this download link with family and friends so that they can also download the video. Once you download the video, its yours to keep forever! Get it for free when you purchase the DVD.

Heartbeat Animals $40

We will record your baby's heartbeat in one of our plush animals so that you can enjoy the sounds of his/her heartbeat for years to come. Makes a great gift for grandparents or siblings. Selection may vary. 

Cancellation Policy

At 3D Miracles Halifax, we recognize that for various reasons you may need to cancel your appointment at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. With the exception of appointments you book directly online via our Website or Facebook page, we do not charge for appointment cancellations. We kindly ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we can rebook your appointment slot for another client. We understand that things can be very hectic at this time, and additional stress should be avoided. Not all 3D Ultrasound companies offer this policy.

Compare if you Dare!

3D Miracles vs. UC Baby (Bronze vs. Basic Package)

Service                                         UC Baby            3D Miracles

3D/4D session                                   $129                  $125

Gender Determination                         Y                        Y

Watching baby’s activities                   Y                         Y

Listen to baby’s heartbeat                   Y                         Y

Face and body scan                              Y                         Y

CD of images                                        N                      $15

Printed Photo                                       Y                        Y

Free Live Broadcasting                        N                        Y

Free repeat if gender hidden              Y                        Y

Video on Demand                                $10 (1 month)           $15 (forever)

$1000 Gender guarantee                  N                        Y                            



Contact Us:

Phone: 902-492-2229
Fax: 902-492-0725
Toll free: 1-888-628-2229 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address :

3D Miracles Halifax
Halifax Professional Centre
5991 Spring Garden Rd, #580,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 1Y6
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an elective prenatal ultrasound?
Q: Is it safe? Are there any risks
Q: How long does the 3D and 4D ultrasound take?

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